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Know about Cell Basics with Fill handle in MS-Excel 2013


  • Understanding cells
  • Select cell & cell range
  • Cell content
  • To drag and drop cells
  • To use the fill handle

Basic knowledge of Cells:

In Every workbook you can create worksheet as many as you wish and each worksheet has thousands of Cells which is intersected by a Column and a Row. In worksheet columns are indicated by A, B, C…….; Rows are indicated by 1, 2, 3……….

Every Cell has its own address or name. In the below example C8 means column C and row 8, that you can see in the Name box.
Note: Don’t forget to select to see Cell address in the name box or any related highlight.

You can also select a Cell range rather than a Single Cell  and for selecting Cell range, you need to select multiple Cells. In the below example, cell rage is A1:A10 using colon (:, colon means from 1st to last cells, here from A1 to A10)

  • Cell range A1:A10

  • Cell range A1:B8


Now how to select a cell:

1. To do anything like write or edit any cell content, Firstly, you need to select the cell.
2. After selecting a Cell by mouse or arrow key of Keyboard, You will see a border and the Cell will remain until clicking to another Cell.

Then how to select a cell range:

 The same way you can select multiple cells which is called Cell Range.
1. Here you have to click and hold the mouse and drag the mouse to select your desired multiple Cells
2. And then just release the mouse.

Discuss about Cell content:

There are various types of content you will find in each Cell like text, formula, date, currency, functions and formatting
Text means you will get numbers, letters and dates in Cells.

You can change numbers, letters and dates in Cells. Suppose 0.74 can change on percentage like 74% ,  sales 45 as $45 and Date as long date.You can change font or color etc.

Formulas and functions:
formulas and functions means that by using formula  calculate cell values. Look at the below example, in Cell B8 ($319), you will get the total value of B2 to B7 that is =SUM(B2:B7).You can see the formula in the formulabar

To insert content:

Just click any cell and insert the content that will appear in the formula bar.

To delete cell content:

Again just click and press Delete or Backspace key to delete any content of a cell.

Note: Remember one thing by Backspace key you can delete only one cell but by delete Key you can Delete content from multiple cells.


To delete/insert cells:

Deleting the Cell/a range of cells and deleting the content of a cell/cells are not similar thing.
You can delete any cell/cells by two ways; one is by right mouse and another is by Ribbon Home tab. We will discuss both way. Firstly, by Home tab is given below:

Suppose, you want to delete one cell or multiple cells; you will see the deleted cells will be replaced by below cell (it will shiftup)
  1. First you need to select the cell/cells that you want to delete.

2.Then, you need to go Home tab and Select the Delete command.

3.Finally, you will get your result. Your selected cells will be deleted and the cells below will shiftup

By mouse: just right click on mouse and you will get the below features

Then click on delete you will get four options given below

Then by default Shift cells up is given and you also click on “Shift Cells Left” to shift cell/cells to left or click on “Entire row” to delete selected cells entire row and same things for  Entire column
Note: Insert Cell/Cells is the same way as we have done for Delete Cell/Cells

How to copy and paste cell content:

Copy and paste content is as similar as you do in Ms-words.
Just select your desired cells with content and press Ctrl+C to copy and press Ctrl+Vto pastein your desired selected cells.

To cut and paste cell content:

Same way like “copy and paste” but here for cut press Ctrl+X

Note1: You can also do cut, copy, paste by right click on mouse. 
Note2: Best way to delete any content of cell/cell is by right click on mouse and then click on “Clear content” see the below image and do practice yourself.

Know how to access more paste options:

Suppose you want to work with your contents that contain formula and functions, then you need to access additional paste options
  • click on the drop-down arrow which you will get on the Paste command(Home tab ).

Again best way to do this is just right click the mouse and copy/cut selected cells than go to your Selected paste area
And again right click the mouse and choose your desired options from the Manu of  paste options/ paste special commands.

How to drag and drop cells:

Drag and drops cells is very important option to save your time and energy.

1.Firstly, click on your selected the cell(s)that you want to move.

2.Now, Hover you mouse cursoron the selected cellsborder, you can see three things: oneisa white cross , second is a black four arrows sided cross , and the third is plus sign( on a small square will appear on the  bottom-right corner of the selected cell). You will work with black four arrows sided crossto move the cell/cells content.  

3.Then Click and hold the mouse left site, and drag the cells to your chosen place/location.

4.Finally, Release the mouse to drop your selected cells in your location.

To use the fill handle:

By using the fill handle, you don’t need to use copy and paste which is very time consuming. 
1.First of all, click on your selected the cell(s) that you want to drag for auto fill.Now, Hover you mouse cursor on the selected cells border and plus sign (on a small square will appear on the bottom-right corner of the selected cell) which is called fill handle will appear.

2.Click and hold the mouse left site, and drag the fill handleto fill your chosen place/location.Release the mouse to drop your selected cells in your location.


3.At last of all,Release the mouse to fill your selected cells in your location.


How to keep continue a series with the fill handle:

By using the fill handle, you can continuea series. If you write days (Sun/Sunday), month (Jan/January) and Dates, the fill handle will understand the next order of series. But for numbers like 1, 2, 3… , you need to write at least 2 numbers(like 1,2 or 1991, 1992 or 1991, 1990…..) then the fill handle will guess the next order of series. But text, the same content will be filled repeatedly.

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