Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Save and Share Workbooks and Use Auto recover in Excel 2013

  1. Create a new, blank workbook.
  2. Use the Save command to save the workbook to your desktop.
  3. Save the workbook to OneDrive and invite someone else to view it.
  4. Export the workbook as a PDF file.
 In this lesson we will discuss how to Save, export and share Workbook. By creating any workbook in Excel, your next duty is to save it. Moreover In Excel you can share and Export your workbooks with others. You can also use OneDrive (previously called SkyDrive) to save a workbook which is called Online Office.

What is Save and Save As?

There are two ways of saving a file or workbook: one is Save and another is Save As. These two is almost similar with a few differences
Save:  save is used for creating or editing a workbook that you can change later and this one is the most common use command. We always write a file name and location (Example: Desktop) and then just click on save at the time of saving workbook.
Save As: Suppose you are working on a saved file and then you have to use Save As command for creating a copy with different name if you want to keep the original intact.

How to save a workbook:

If you start with a new project, you must save your workbook by giving a new name and location to make any change later.
  1. Press Ctrl+S on keyboard or select the Save command from the upper-left corner Quick Access Toolbar.  
2.You can also use save as if it is for the first time saving file.
3.Your next duty is to give file name and choose a location to keep the file.

4.When you will find the Save As dialog box, choose/select the location (may be my document or desktop) for saving your workbook.
5.Then Enter/write a file name in file name box, then click Save.

Using Save As to make a copy

 We have already discussed about the Save As that if you want to keep the original file unchanged or save your workbook in different version, you can use Save As to create a copy.
Save file:                           “Sales”
Save As file:                     “Sales 1”
In Backstage view, click on Save As command and everything is like Save.


Auto Recover

 By using AutoRecover You can restore the file in case of any problem happened.

How to use AutoRecover:

  1. Suppose you just open Ms-Excel 2013 and then you will see the Document Recovery pane at the time of getting auto-saved versions.
  2. To recover just click on available file (see the image).

Remember1: Excel saves each/every ten (10 minutes) By default which is called Autosave.You edit your workbook less or more 10 minutes but if you edit less than 10 minutes, The Excel auto saved version may be not work.
Remember2: Suppose you may not see your required file then you need to browse all autosaved document/files from the Backstage view.

Click on File tab 
then click on Manage Versions
then click on Recover Unsaved Workbooks

  3.Thirdly, you will get a dialog box name as “Publish as PDF or XPS”. Then after   selecting location and file name click on Publish.     

By this way you can export only the active worksheet but if you want to export and save multiple worksheets then click on Options of Publish as PDF or XPS” and you will get a “Optiondialog box and then select the Entire workbook and finally click OK.

How to export a workbook in other file types (Excel 97-2003 Workbook):

You can also export a workbook to other types of file like Excel 97-2003 Workbook  which is older version because your friend may use older version.
  1. Again to get access in Backstage view Click on the File tab.
  2. Then by Clicking on Export select the Change File Type (see the image).

3.After that Select a file type (Excel 97-2003 Workbook) , then click Save As.

4.Now you will get a dialog box named “Save As”.  And then selecting location and file name click on Save. 

You can also use the drop-down menu of “Save As Type” to see the varieties types of files

Let’s sharing workbooks

Recently people are using OneDrive to share and collaborate their workbooks. By sharing your workbooks you allows your friend to use the exact file and even he or she can edit the wokbooks.
This your first duty to save your work book in OneDrive to share a workbook.

Let’s share a workbook:

  1. Again the same way go to Backstage view and click on  Share

2.You will get the Share box.

See the below picture and you can share easily in different ways. 


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